Punching Bag

1. How does a punching bag work?

A boxing bag is like the weight vest a good device that you can incorporate into your fitness training at home. Depending on the type, the sandsack is either fixed to the ceiling by means of a suspension or – if you choose a saddle bag – at the place of your choice. Alternatively, you can hold yourself with a punching ball, punch, box dummy or a cuddle. These devices are a little space-saving, but if you would rather not decide for a punching bag, see our boxing bag comparison 2017.

As a beginner, you are well advised on the punching bag. Do not be deterred: you can buy a good punch bag cheap. A good idea is to perform a box-bag test with different devices in the gym. So you know if the training is fun before you buy a punching bag.

3. Purchase advice for punching bags: You must pay attention

3.1. size

The optimal boxing bag size is determined by two factors: what kind of combat sport you are training and how much space is available to you. The minimum size of the head should be 80 cm – a punching bag of this size is enough for pure impact training, from 90 cm you can usually also carry kicks and sparring maneuvers. What is decisive is not only the height of the striking surface, but the total height. This can be adjusted by the length of the chain. In case of the standbox bag, it depends on the height of the base. As a guideline, the box-bag comparison is as follows: a comfortable height corresponds to your body size or that of an opponent, so about 1.70 m is a good guideline. The larger the sandsack, the heavier it is usually also.

3.2. Weight

As a rule of thumb, the sack should weigh 40 to 50 percent of your body weight. This is how you get the best resistance. Lighter sandbags swing too fast and are not optimal to improve endurance and impact technique. The harder your punching bag is, the more energy you need to move it. So get a sweat – and burn calories.

In the case of the saddle bag you should note that the sack has the most weight. Do not be frightened (or impressed) by high weight data: these are necessary only in order to keep the punching bag out of balance during box training. The reaction speed and the difficulty level of the training with the attached punching bag are determined here by a spring element in the base. The more flexible the element, the lower the resistance and training effort.

3.3. material

The punching bag material determines how long the sandsack is and how easy it is to clean. Leather is the clear purchase recommendation in the box-bag comparison; It is robust, flexible and does not break at the seams. Unfortunately, more and more artificial leather is offered. The inexpensive alternative is sufficient for occasional exercises, but less durable than leather. Vinyl looks very similar to leather and is the best choice for artificial leather as it is very sturdy. Sands bags made of fabric are also available, they are mostly made of polyester and do not last long. Nylon is slightly more durable, but only recommended for lighter cardio workout.

3.4. martial Arts

Which is the best boxing bag for your box training. If you are kickboxing another boxing sport, where kicks are trained, your punching bag should have a length of at least 100 cm. Practice grappling, a wide punching bag from 35 cm helps.

3.5. filling

Most punching bags are already filled. Although the term sandsack is used, the filling nowadays mostly consists of fabric residues. An alternative is wood pellets or really sand – but this runs out quickly. Some sands can be bought empty and filled at home – here we recommend wooden pieces. Whether filled or unfilled, we recommend that you always wear gloves during sport.

4. You should pay attention to the use of punching bags

A leatherette or leather punching bag can stain when it touches walls, door frames or furniture. To avoid this, always ensure that there is sufficient clearance. If the leather saddle is made, you should clean the upper material regularly with leather care. You can wipe synthetic leather with a damp cloth, but also here: so that your punching bag remains black, use only a mild detergent. If you want to use your punching bag outdoors, you should bring it into the house immediately after the sport – with water contact by e.g. Rain can otherwise mold the filling.

Most boxing bags are offered in black, if you prefer red, blue or brown, you should make sure that the color matches your interior. Black or brown are subtle enough to find space in the living room.

5. Punching bags for children

If you want to buy a punching bag for your child, you should note the following: The punching bag should be lighter. Children have less weight and thus a lower impact strength to move the punching bag. The punching bag should be at child height. If the punching bag is standing, it should be approx. 120 cm high. Punching bags for children do not always have to be black. With colorful colors or prints you can often motivate children to practice sports. If children are already young, you can buy a punching bag for adults. A punching bag set is also recommended. Many manufacturers (such as Everlast, Hammer) offer the sandsack including protective clothing such as head protection and boxing gloves in the set.

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