Are you at the forefront when it comes to playing the latest games first? Have you ever played GTA 5, Gothic, or Darksiders? Or are you just succumbing to the fascination of games like Skyrim, The Witcher or Battlefield 4? In order for the game to go according to your wishes, you have to take it into your own hands: in this case the gamepad. If you are a fan of the Nintendo game consoles with Mario, Luigi and their friends, you may already be the owner of a Wii U controller. As a PlayStation advocate, you can not give your DualShock out of hand, as a PC and Xbox lover it may be an Xbox 360 gamepad. If you want to buy a gamepad, you will find in our gamepad comparison 2017 among other things, which categories you should pay attention – and whether and how you can connect the gamepad to the Mac or PC. In the end, you can choose your personal gamepad comparison winner, with which you can best enter into the game.

1. What is a gamepad?

They are called joypad or game pad and belong to the game controllers. With this input device, commands are transferred analogously or digitally to the game console or the computer. Since the first console with the gamepad, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the number of action buttons has increased, new buttons have been introduced, and the analog stick has also made its mark. But whether it’s a controller for a PC or a game console, it’s important for most passionate gamers and casual gamers to have a fast response time and to direct the commands to the virtual self. Some fans swear by the vibrational feedback, for example, when they collide with other vehicles in the game. Some game concepts would like to let the players participate more actively in games and demand corporeal use. By tilting and turning the gamepad, you can move with or without camera movements during gaming (for example bowling or table tennis games at the Wii). In addition to original controllers such as the original Wii U gamepad, you can also purchase cheap gamepads, for example, a Logitech controller.

2. What types of gamepads are there?

If you make a gamepad test, you will quickly notice that depending on the manufacturer, controllers with their numerous features and functions can take a variety of forms. In most cases, however, you will not be able to see whether the gamepad is suitable for PC or Mac, or whether it is more a typical gamepad for the console. In our gamepad comparison, we summarized what you should know about the input device for your PC or game console when you are looking for your gamepad comparison winner:

2.1. Gamepad for PC, Mac or console?

If you want to gamble at the game console, you have often already purchased the right controller in the set. For example, an input device for a console is a controller for PlayStation or an Xbox One gamepad, which works as an original accessory without problems. If you are an advocate of PC games and Windows users, we recommend the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 controller in our gamepad comparison as it can be used with most PC games under Windows without problems. Other gamepads for the computer would be the PC – Dual Action Gamepad (Logitech), the T-Wireless Black from Thrustmaster or a kind of gamepad keyboard combination like the Delux T9 Mini Game Pad. There is also special PC gamepad software, which allows you to set up the controller conveniently according to instructions. This also makes the gamepad calibration easier. If you are looking for a gamepad for Mac, you also have a wide selection. For example, the Wireless Xbox 360 PC Controller, Logitech PC Wireless Gamepad F710 are suitable as Apple Gamepad. Since the operating system OS X 10.6. The PS3 gamepad is also Mac compatible.

2.2. Motion Controlled Gamepad

For several years, full body use has been called for, although in most game consoles an input device is at least kept in one hand. Through body movements, avatars are controlled in the games (motion control).

3. Purchase Criteria for Gamepads: You must pay attention to this

3.1. compatibility

As a rule game controllers have been developed for special consoles (Wii U Gamepad for Wii U, Sony DualShocks for PS etc.). However, it does not always have to be original controllers. A Logitech or Razer controller may be an alternative. If you want to play at home PC games at home and friends at the Xbox, an Xbox 360 controller offers. This is compatible with both Microsoft systems. Many current controllers can also be referred to as a USB gamepad because they have this universal connector.

3.2. Connection: Wireless, recharge time and range

A wireless gamepad is increasingly common in gambling households. If the play fun is wireless, this is usually by Bluetooth or wireless transmission. The range is different, but in our gamepad comparison 2017 but average up to 10 meters. Also the battery life is usually more than 30 hours. Many wireless gamepads can be connected to the console with a mini USB port and used as a classic controller. By the way, they are also charged. Please pay attention to a good cable length that meets your requirements. You can of course also connect a USB gamepad to your computer. If it is a round plug, you will find adapters and other accessories at the dealership or online.

3.4. Headset connection and vibration

Different gamepad tests show: In the meantime, a haptic feedback is in the form of a vibration standard for a game controller. Joypad collides in racing games on the fingers and influences your playing pleasure positively. So that neighbors or the family is not sounded by your playing sound, there are already practical connection possibilities for headphones at the Joypads. Whether the best gamepad for your needs should have a headphone output, your decision remains.

4. Popular manufacturers and brands

Whether you own an Xbox 360 and want to buy another game controller or have a PlayStation of the latest generation: The selection of the articles in the area of gamepads is great. In addition to the original products of the manufacturers (Gamepad Wii U, Xbox One Gamepad, Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controller), you can also purchase the new Gamepad from other manufacturers in the Saturn, Media Markt or Onlineshop. Companies like Thrustmaster, Mad Catz or Razer are specialized in joysticks, game controllers and other gaming accessories.

5. Questions and Answers about the gamepad theme

5.1. Which PC games compatible with gamepad?

Of course you can gamble with a gamepad PC games. In general, many games for the computer appear simultaneously or with a short delay to the console version. So you can gamble the FIFA series, GTA 5, Diablo 3, Skyrim, The Witcher or the slightly older Gothic games series, of course, on your computer with PC controller. Various gamepad emulators or software facilitate the gambling on the local computer. In order to be able to enjoy online games with the gamepad, it is a good idea to install the JoyToKey software. So you can also control browser games via Joypad (Civilization V Gamepad, Cyborg Gamepad v.5 etc.). You will also find numerous software to calibrate your gamepad. For example, if you want to connect your PS3 controller to the PC, you will find a practical guide here.

5.2. Which gamepad for Mac?

PS 4 DualShock Wireless Controller in StarWars Battlefrond Design
With the PS 4 DualShock Wireless Controller including touchpad in StarWars Battlefrond design is the power with you.
Looking for an Apple Game Pad? Then the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller is the right input device for you. With apps like the GamePad Companion, you can also configure a different gamepad Mac compatible. Also here is the Sony PS3 controller compatible for example Mac OS X and can be operated by Bluetooth. In case of doubt, you can also contact the manufacturer’s gamepad support.

5.3. How Many Gamepads Wii U?

The uncertainty was great, with how many Wii U gamepads games like Super Mario Bros. or Assassin’s Creed 3 can be played. The console is usually delivered with only one game controller, but supports the use of two gamepads. However, the frame rates will then be reduced from 60 frames per second to 30 if you run 2 gamepads on Wii U.

5.4. What is gamepad partially supported?

If you know this information, you have been informed about a game that you want to buy or play for free at the popular game distribution platform Steam. In the Steam Store, this declaration means that you can easily gamble large parts of the game with your controller. Often, you only need a mouse and keyboard for the Settings window at the beginning of the game or other menus. Many gamers have no problems after the download but the games by Joypad to enjoy.

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