Electric grill

According to some studies, electric grills are becoming increasingly popular. The advantages of electric grills are obvious:

Since no fuel is required, the smoke is less than the charcoal grill or the gas grill. Therefore, the electric grill is particularly suitable for use on the veranda or in the home.

A second advantage is that no grease is burned on the grill itself, but can drip off in a collecting container. Cancerous substances can not be deposited on the food.

Severin electric grill with grills
This purchase councilor for the big Elektrogrill comparison 2017 will bring you the most important purchase criteria.

In addition, you will also find instructions on how to handle the electric grill, so that you do not run into a big mistake during use.


1. What types of electric grills are there?

Electric grills consist basically of a housing, a heating element and a grate.

The heating element consists of a metal rod. It is heated by the electric current. This process can take a relatively long time, but reaching the target temperature does not take as long as the conventional grill.

One can only distinguish between the two electric grills: the table grill and the grill.

While both types have no functional differences, the table grille can be used both outdoors and in the kitchen, since its space requirement is smaller. The floor grill is mounted on a rod or a tripod.

Often 2-in-1 solutions, where the stand is optional, can also be used without this.

Further optional is a cover, which allows indirect grilling better. Since the temperatures on the electric grill do not reach that of a gas or holcole grill, the cooking takes longer however.

2. charcoal grill

The charcoal grill is the classic form of the grill. In the normal case it consists of a body which can absorb the charcoal or the charcoal briquettes. The grill is placed at a certain height.

Most grills have a number of adjustment options for the grate height so that the heating effect can be individually adapted to the food to be grilled. The igniting and burning-up of charcoal must take some time. For the preparation of a charcoal grill you need as a rule at least 30 minutes. Column grills with an air guidance system create the heating in a shorter time.

2.2. gas Grill

A big problem with the charcoal grill is that the fat dripping down from the steak or the sausage and burns with smoke formation. On the steak, in such a case, the substance can deposit benzopyrene.

The gas grill is very strong; Once the luxury product among the grills, it slowly grows to the standard. The temperature control functions similarly fast and uncomplicated as with an electric stove and the use of gas is safer than the classic grill charcoal.

The preheating time is minimized for a few minutes in the case of the gas grill and also the smoke development is minimal to not available compared to the conventional charcoal grill.

High-quality gas grills from brands such as Weber or Napoleon also have a side burner that allows the user to cook sauces for a BBQ or a chili on a cooking flame.

3. What should be considered when buying an electric grill?

A clear advantage when purchasing online against all local retailers is of course the great product selection.

However, this always cloudy the overview. So that you really know what you recognize a good grill, you should mention the essential criteria before your personal electric grill test in the purchase advice:

3.1. Grill type

There are electric standing and table grills. But which electric grill is better?

If you need an electric grill for use in the garden or on the terrace, you should grab a grill (sometimes “column grille”).

The pure table grill is intended for use in the apartment or on the balcony. Especially in the kitchen, it can become a helpful accessory. Most of these models are rather smaller and designed for 2-3 persons.

3.2. shape

As a rule oval and round grill grills have the advantage that the heat is directed to all parts of the grill. With some rectangular grills, the heat in the corners is not very good, so they can hardly be used.

In our electro grill comparison, the rectangular shape dominated, but the comparison winner with the oval grill grate could achieve better results when grilling.

Note: The Clatronic unit has problems with the correct heat distribution, but it is sufficient for two people as a table grill and can be convincing above all by the unbeatable low price.

3.3. special shapes

A special form is surely the sausage toaster. The private horizontal grill for sausages marketed by Severin under the name of Wurster is also available in a catering version. The smart sausage is like a toast to treat, does not need to be used and jumps out of the device after adjustable grill time. A supplied small grill helps to avoid burns of the fingers.

3.4. Size of the grill

The size of the grill is of course dependent on the number of persons you would like to entertain with the electric grill. In our electro-grill comparison, just like in the electro-grill tests of the well-known test magazines, different sizes have occurred.

A comparison winner in the category electric grills should provide space for the catering of more than 2 people.

3.5. The heating power

The performance (expressed in watts) differs in the case of the electric grills in comparison not exorbitant. 2000 watts are an appropriate scale. Again, much helps a lot; The stronger the grill, the shorter the heating time and the better the grill.

Note: The power indicated by the manufacturer always refers to the operation at full load.

3.6. Material of the grill surface

With the material of the grill area, there were few surprises in the electro grill comparison. Most manufacturers rely on aluminum castings with non-stick coating from one or more layers.

In this case, the burning of the grill material is effectively prevented, the cleaning also takes place relatively easily.

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3.7. Additional extras

For the additional extras, we have paid particular attention to the dishwashing strength and a lid.

The gratings of some models can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, since they are relatively bulky, this point may be neglected. Most users do not like it.

The lid can be used for indirect grilling. If you like this product, you’ll definitely be sure to find the perfect refrigerator for your cooking needs. This allows even more meat to be gently cooked.