When and where is a diffuser used?

Whether in the living room, yoga or the office – a diffuser offers a versatile alternative to a conventional room spray or room perfume. Choose an individual, suitable perfume oil, also called perfume oil, for your aroma diffuser and thus create an aromatic fragrance experience that can give you an ultrasound aroma diffuser.

Various essential oils have a varied effect. For both headaches and colds, as well as for stress and depressive moods, a fragrance diffuser with essential oils can do wonders. Depending on the fragrance oil, a diffuser may e.g. Increase your motivation or solve tension. Using modern ultrasonic fogging technology, a room diffuser is also used as an air freshener and air humidifier.
2. Diffuser oil types: These 5 fragrances you should know

The selection of fragrances and fragrance categories is simply huge. There are two different types of diffuser oil that you can use for your aroma diffuser: essential oils and aromatic oils. The latter are chemically prepared; For essential oils, the fragrance components come from herbal, ie natural, components.
For most diffusers, including the Soehnle Ravenna, it is recommended to use only one oil type. It is accordingly a diffuser for essential oils or for fragrance oil.

3. Buying advice for diffusers: How much fits in?

3.1. Fill water

If you want to buy a diffuser, you can choose between 80 ml and 1,300 ml. However, the bulk of this is between 100 and 300 ml. The amount of water depends on how long the diffuser can moisten your rooms with fog or light water vapor.

There is, however, no connection between the price and the filling quantity. You can buy a diffuser at a favorable price and still get a room refresher with a lot or even a small amount.

3.2. Number of colors

In unserem Luftbefeuchter-Vergleich sind uns einzig solche Aroma-Luftbefeuchter begegnet, die mit ansprechender LED-Beleuchtung ausgestattet sind. Bis zu sieben Farbtönen sind möglich, darunter meist Orange, weil es an Sonnenaufgang bzw. Sonnenuntergang erinnert und somit bei den meisten Leuten eine positive Stimmung weckt. Dank der angenehmen Beleuchtung steht einem Gefühl von Wellness, eben auch auf visueller Ebene, bei der Nutzung eines Diffusers nichts im Wege.

Dabei können Sie i.d.R. auch bei einem günstigen Diffuser zwischen wechselndem und fest eingestelltem Farbton wählen. Letztere Variante eignet sich gut als Nachtbeleuchtung bzw. zur Beruhigung, etwa bei akutem Stress.

Wechselndes Licht hingegen eignet sich als Stimmungsaufheller dafür, eine heitere und angeregte Atmosphäre zu kreieren.

3.4. Aroma diffuser with ultrasound – yes / no?

Some fragrance oil diffusers, including the room diffusers from SeresRoad and VicTsing, are so-called aroma diffusers with ultrasound function. In this way fragrances and moisture are better distributed in the room. However, there are no studies in this subject which show that an ultrasonic aroma diffuser works better than one without this function.

4. Care and cleaning tips

To clean your aroma diffuser, please refer to the operating instructions of the manufacturer. The majority of the sprayers in our comparison are made of plastic and are therefore easy to clean. On the other hand, none of the perfume dispensers are made of glass.

In principle, the use of distilled water makes sense, since this can lead to a calcification of the device. This allows you to significantly extend the life of the diffuser.

However, it does not have to be distilled water at the same time if the expense for cleaning your room freshener seems to be too long. You can also use filter water. For this, simply let your tap water run through a plastic jug, as shown in the following, and the extremely low-chalked water is ready.

You can also spare your water boiler.

5. Keeping distance: use of diffusers

All fragrance diffusers contained in our diffuser comparison work exclusively with power supply. A battery operated variant is not among the compared products. So it is not always easy to put our following advice into action, but it is worth trying: Do not place your diffuser near electrical appliances or other equipment that is endangered by hot water vapor.

So, if you want to place it in the middle of a room, the question is, where is the nearest socket? The solution: wide or deep window boards, in the vicinity of which a current access is available.

6. Questions and Answers about Diffusers

In conclusion, we have once again summarized the most important questions concerning the diffuser and its use

6.1. What does “Diffuser” mean?

Lavender oil aromatherapy
The term “diffuse” comes from English and means “distribute”. Interestingly, the term is nevertheless not used in the English language for “room humidifiers” but instead “humidifier”.

In any case, the diffuser is concerned with distributing moisture and fragrance particles in a room. Since he performs very well in this area, a room diffuser is particularly suitable for home aromatherapy. This is suitable not only for people with a strong olfactory organism, but also for those who want to improve their olfactory skills.

6.2. Is a diffuser loud?

Whether a diffuser is loud depends on how you compare its “noise level”.

What is certain is that he does not work quite quietly, but rushes a little to himself. After all, water is evaporated when distributing room fragrance.

Likewise, it is operated electrically, which also makes itself felt here.

If you are looking for absolute silence, you can use a scent lamp instead. It is not completely noise-free but quieter than a flavor diffuser.

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