Boxing Gloves

Already Muhammad Ali knew: the training is important. To ensure that your boxing is always at your peak, good boxing gloves are essential. They are used both for training with punching bags as well as for personal combat.

Are you an advanced boxer and looking for new boxing gloves? Or are you in Rocky Fever and want to convert your fitness training to boxing? Our boxing glove comparison 2017 introduces you to the most popular models for training and tells you what you have to consider when buying. Here we make the boxing gloves comparison: keep expensive models what you promise? Is there Everlast, Adidas and Venum also cheap boxing gloves, which are something good? And what model should be your personal boxing gloves comparison winner?

1. Wie funktionieren Boxhandschuhe?

 The main task of boxing gloves is to dampen the impact in boxing sports. To protect your palm, fingers, wrists from injury. At the same time the body and especially the head of your opponent are spared. Which are the best boxing gloves for you, depends on your chosen box sport and training. In general: as a beginner, who only occasionally boxed with sandsack, cheap boxing gloves can suffice. If, however, you have discovered your passion for boxing and also train with partners, we recommend investing in a high-quality pair of leather.

Boxing gloves for professional competitions must meet additional guidelines, but our boxing-gloves comparison 2017 is restricted to amateur sports. That is why we have set ourselves on training and sparring gloves. Here we have especially compared to quality, longevity and price-performance ratio.

2. What types of boxing gloves are there?

In the boxing gloves comparison, one differentiates between three categories: equipment gloves, boxing gloves for sparring and products for competitions. There are two different types of boxing gloves design. The classic type is the closed boxing glove, which encircles your entire hand and parts of the wrist. Open gloves, also called open fingers, protect only the palm of the hand. The fingers are free. There are special shapes, e.g. For MMA, which only cover the palm of the hand, but keep the inner surface free. Whether you choose models in black, red, blue, white or pink depends on personal preferences.

3. Purchase criteria for boxing gloves: You must pay attention

3.1. Boxart

Traditional boxing gloves are intended for use in classic boxing matches. The standard boxing glove tests focus on these models. If you practice other types of boxes, you should make sure that the product is specially designed for this. So there are special gloves that allow techniques like sparring. For example, MMA, Karate, Muay Thai (also called Thaiboxen) and kickboxes have special gloves that should be used.

3.2. outer material

If you want to buy boxing gloves at a favorable price, you should choose an artificial leather (PU, PVC). Unfortunately, this can be used more quickly and is not very active, so that your hands get very hot. Artificial leather Boxing gloves are sufficient for occasional hobby training. If you want to exercise regularly or are professional boxers, we recommend to choose leather for your boxing gloves. Leather is particularly robust, durable and breathable. To clean it, it should be treated with leather care. Whether you choose cattle leather, calf leather or a different kind of leather is up to you.

3.3. upholstery

Most of the boxing gloves are padded with foam, which is relatively soft and compliant, but can easily change its shape. Therefore, many professional boxing gloves are additionally filled with Rosshaar. These items have a very high price and are not necessary for the pure training. In addition to the upholstery, the internal ventilation is also a factor. Many products have a breathable inner lining or mesh inserts to help your hands sweat less. A boxing glove with ventilation is especially recommended for artificial leather.

3.4. attachment

Often, training gloves and sparring gloves are equipped with a Velcro closure on the wrist. They can be put on easily and without the help of others. Boxing gloves with lacing are particularly firm and secure, so especially competition boxing gloves are provided with a lacing.

4. You should pay attention to the use of boxing gloves

You should always discuss your personal training plan with your trainer when boxing. Boxing is a sport in which all muscle groups are trained and is ideal if you want to keep fit. However, in order to increase your performance, you must install other types of training. In order to train endurance and fitness, running is a good thing to do. The Farthing style is popular here, in which short, fast running intervals are inserted into the endurance race. Also the training with a jump rope or Punchingball offers itself. Boxesacks are also available in many different designs and can be used in many different ways. As a rule of thumb for the competition training, the training duration should correspond to the number of rounds. So train for a 6-round competition. You should start exercising 6 weeks before.

To protect your hand in the boxing glove in addition, you should wear a bandage under the glove. Alternatively you can buy a boxing glove with inner lining – but this is less flexible and only for beginners and children a good idea.

Good boxing technique in boxing depends not least on a good bandage technique. There are several ways, it is important that you choose a winding technique which is pleasant for you. Exercise also makes the master here.

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