Parasol stand

Stands for sunshades are available in a variety of designs: from a granite umbrella stand to plastic umbrella stands. You can place them in your garden, on your porch or balcony, creating a shady place. Please see our purchase advice for the best material for your needs. Umbrella stands for umbrellas are not part of this text.

The most common umbrella stands are available as round or square variants. You will also find half-breed species, which are well suited for placing a tilted sunshade directly on the house wall. This gives you a very space-saving variant, which we recommend to use on small balconies and terraces from 5 to 10 sqm.


1. The 4 umbrella stand types and their specific advantages in use

In the following table, we present the most common types of umbrella stands and their advantages. Before you buy, you should consider whether you are more likely to have a stable or easy transport. If you are looking for a stainless steel umbrella stand, remember that only the standpipe is made from it and not the complete stand. There is no pure stainless steel umbrella stand.

2. The choice of the appropriate material: granite provides stability – plastic flexibility

If you prefer to use your sunshade stand mainly in your own garden or on the porch, we recommend a granite umbrella stand. It offers a very stable stand and is a good choice if you do not want to move the umbrella holder often. Since it is very heavy, you should not fall back on this category of stands if you often want to move it or use it in several places and often have to transport it. We advise against using umbrella stands which are made exclusively of wood or glass or to construct a umbrella stand. Also a metal umbrella stand without additional materials like wood, granite or concrete is neither very aesthetically nor easily available.

If the umbrella stand is to be portable, the best umbrella stand made of plastic, which you can fill with water, gravel or sand, is more suitable for your needs. The diameter of the mast at the umbrella ranges from 21 mm to 54 mm. However, you can securely attach the screens to the stand by means of the locking screws on the installation tube.

It is only by filling the base with water, fine gravel or sand that it becomes heavy and stable. If easy transportation is important to you, a polyethylene umbrella stand is very suitable.

For a stable stand, the umbrella stand should not fall below a certain diameter. For round constructions made of granite, concrete or marble, a base diameter of 20 cm is very suitable in this sense. In general, the heavy models with a large diameter offer you the most stable position. The size in terms of height is not decisive for this. In order to get a working overall design you have to pay attention to a high-quality sunshade when you buy a umbrella stand. The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a screening test, but you can inform yourself about good sunshades.

3. Rolls for easy transport – water, gravel and sand for a stable inflatable umbrella stand

A sun umbrella stand with castors is also suitable for flexible use. This is especially suitable if you have a large outdoor area. This gives you the possibility to read a good book or a newspaper at various places in your garden or on your veranda even in the strongest sunshine. The umbrella stands with castors are also very suitable for small outdoor parties. Depending on the screen size, 3 to 6 people fit under such a screen. With an additional handle on the base the transport of the umbrella stand is particularly comfortable. In a screen stand test, a model without a handle should never be considered a particularly portable one.

The umbrella stands differ in how much material can be filled into the base. In this case, a capacity of up to 17 liters of water is not a rarity on the market and ensures an optimum level of the sunshade.

In the case of the filling material, you are very flexible with all types of sun screen stands that can be filled. Water, fine gravel and sand can always be used as a filling material. When using gravel and sand, always keep the umbrella stand dry and leave it tightly closed so that the material is not clogged and thus becomes more difficult to remove.

4. Very stable umbrella stands are buried or concreted

You can also place a screen stand for digging into the ground. Often these are metal umbrella stands. This category has the crucial advantage that it is in stability by no portable counterpart. Due to the firm anchoring in the ground, the umbrella stand is particularly well attached for burrowing, but can not be repositioned as easily. Here it is the own garden area to plan very well. You can also bury several stands at different positions in the garden. This variant is often used as umbrella stand for market umbrellas.

The outer surface into which the screen is placed is square or round and is very discreet in itself. However, this only applies to terraces and balcony floors, which are held in the same color as the outer surface of the sun-drenched or concreted sun-screen stand. The integrated umbrella stands immediately on a green surface. If you prefer to avoid this and want to have the entire lawn for free use, the umbrella stand with wheels is better for you.

5.1. How weight is a sunshade stand?

We recommend a stand with a weight of 15 to 30 kg if it is not filled with material. Only with a product that has this minimum weight, you can be sure to have bought a sturdy umbrella stand. Filling plastic umbrella stands do not have to meet a minimum weight in order to function well. A shade test should not recommend brass or granite umbrella stands less than 11 kg to ensure a good level for you.

5.2. How do I fill my umbrella stand?

Water, gravel and fine sand are particularly suitable for filling the base. Due to this additional weight the overall construction is very stable and is well armed against weather influences such as wind or rain. If the umbrella stand should be white and above all, we advise you to use water as a filling material to avoid unnecessary contamination.

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