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Bestseller No. 1
Ice Maker Machine - Counter Top Ice Machine - New Compact Model - No Plumbing Required - 15kg Ice In 24 Hours by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)
  • Three ice size options: S/M/L (most competing models just have two) / Very compact dimensions: 37(h) x 29(w) x 36cm(d), fast ice production in just 10-15 minutes, large water storage, massive production capacity: 12-15kg in 24h, large storage for ice.
  • Stunning looking ice maker machine / Ideal for household or office or even professional use / Truly portable ice maker (no plumbing required) by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected).
  • Ice maker sits on countertop / Warns when ice basket full or water tank empty / Supplied with UK plug / Efficient compressor with very low noise level, includes a FREE ice scoop / 12 month warranty.
  • Convenient viewing window to check ice production progress / This brilliant ice machine has just been updated (2013) to make even greater quality ice.
  • Very easy to use; Just add water, select ice size you want, and the first batch of ice will be ready in a few minutes! Product demo at - This is a ThinkGizmos branded product.
Bestseller No. 2
Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine, Makes Large and Small Ice in 10 mins, 2.4L tank for 15kg Ice every 24 Hours, No Plumbing Required
  • NO PLUMBING REQUIRED - The compact design of the Andrew James Ice Maker lets it fit neatly onto any counter top or worktop.
  • LARGE CAPACITY ICE MAKING - Holds an impressive 2.4 litres of water to make up to 15kg of ice in 24 hours.
  • EASY TO USE DIGITAL PANEL - Choose between large and small ice and start collecting in as little as 10 mins.
  • IINCLUDES ICE SCOOP - Make serving easy with the ice scoop included and the removable ice basket.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - Shop in confidence knowing your new Andrew James Ice Cube Making Machine is covered by a 2 year warranty.
Bestseller No. 3
Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine, Ice in 10 mins, 2.4L tank for 15kg Ice every 24 Hours, No Plumbing Required
  • NO PLUMBING REQUIRED - The compact design of the Andrew James Ice Maker lets it fit neatly onto any counter top or worktop.
  • LARGE CAPACITY ICE MAKING - Holds an impressive 2.4 litres of water to make up to 15kg of ice in 24 hours.
  • EASY TO USE DIGITAL PANEL - Choose between large and small ice and start collecting in as little as 10 mins.
  • INCLUDES ICE SCOOP - Make serving easy with the ice scoop included and the removable ice basket.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - Shop in confidence knowing your new Andrew James Ice Cube Making Machine is covered by a 2 year warranty
- £49.56Bestseller No. 4
Polar Counter Top Ice Maker 10kg Output 380X305X380mm Black Manual Fill Machine
  • No water drainage connection required
  • Manual fill table top ice maker
  • Choice of small, medium or large cubes
  • Capacity Bin 1kg, water tank 2 litre.
  • 380(h) x 305(w) x 380(d)mm.
Bestseller No. 5
Kenley Electric Ice Cube Maker Machine, White
  • All the ice you need, when you need it
  • Fresh ice cubes in just 7 minutes
  • Make up to 12kg (26lb) of ice per day
  • Ideal for parties at home, picnics and BBQs
  • No plumbing required!
  • NOTE : Not to leave the machine on when not in use. When the machine is not to be used for a long time, to drain water completely and dry the interior
  • NOTE: - Fill the tank with water first than press the power button.
  • NOTE : Avoid too high temperatures. The room temperature should be 50℉-105℉ and water temperature should be 15℉-90℉ for the ice maker to function properly.
Bestseller No. 6
Household White Counter Top Ice Maker Machine 700g Ice Basket
  • Super smart and compact design with elegant look
  • Large storage capacity-700g ice basket and 2.4L water tank
  • Produces 2 different sizes of ice cube-large and small
  • Approx. 6-13 minutes per cycle
  • 9pcs ice cube every single time
Bestseller No. 7
iceQ Stainless Steel Deluxe Ice Machine Maker - Makes Ice Cubes In 15 minutes
  • Ice cubes in just 15 minutes, Timer for ice on schedule
  • Three selectable cube sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Elegant brushed stainless steel case with a subtle blue lighting
  • Easy to operate via the 4-button LCD display
  • Self-cleaning program
- £79.81Bestseller No. 8
Polar Under Counter Ice Cube Maker Machine Commercial Stainless Steel 20kg/24hr
  • 20kg Output. 4kg Storage.
  • 16 bullet shaped "cubes" every 16 minutes
  • High quality insulation
  • Supplied with scoop and installation kit
  • Adjustable feet
Bestseller No. 9
Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher Machine / Slush Maker Machine, Ideal for Smoothies, Cocktails and Slushies, 1 Litre Capacity, Retro Design, Red, 25 Watts
  • PLEASE EXPECT DELIVERY NO LATER THAN 28TH MARCH - ELECTRIC ICE CRUSHER -- The Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher crushes and grinds ice perfect for slushies, frozen cocktails, iced coffees, smoothies and much more.
  • ADJUSTABLE GRINDER & STIRRER -- Simply turn the dial on the front of the machine to choose between fine or coarse shaved ice. The in-built stirrer constantly stirs the ice to prevent it from sticking together. The stirrer will also stir your drink once other liquids are added.
  • 1 LITRE SERVING JUG & MEASURING GUIDE -- The handy measuring guide tells you how much liquid should be added per quantity of ice so you can create a perfect slush consistency every time. All parts are BPA free.
  • STYLISH RED RETRO DESIGN -- The Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher boasts a stunning retro design in bold red which looks great on any countertop and will be sure to impress your guests.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Electric Ice Crusher/Slush Maker is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
Bestseller No. 10
H.Koenig KB15 Ice Cube Maker Machine, 3.3 Litre, Silver
  • Daily production capacity: 15kg
  • Production cycle: From 6 to 13min
  • Removable ice cube tray
  • LCD screen
  • Water level indicator

Who does not know it? Ice cubes are needed for the preparation of ice coffee, cocktails or cool soft drinks, but the cool cubes still freeze in the ice cube or ice cubes in the freezer. The waiting times are often enormous and especially unsuitable for spontaneous drinks “on the rock”. Modern ice cube makers, who already produce enough ice cubes in the ice machine for your drinks after just a few minutes, provide relief. See our ice cubes comparison 2016/2017, which model was selected by our editors as the best ice cube machine and why these machines have become popular household appliances in recent years.

1. How does an ice cube machine work?

Since there are various types of ice cube makers, also called ice machines, the methods for ice cube production in the ice machine are also different. In the case of the ice cube makers compared by us, the spigot method is used mainly. Here, the water in the ice machine is cooled around pin molds and, as soon as the ice cubes are hard enough, are removed from the mold by means of a heat transfer. After this, you can simply ice the ice cubes into the jars with an ice cube bucket. The following video shows how simple these household appliances produce ice cubes.


The handling for the production of ice cubes with an ice cube maker or an ice machine is conceivably simple and also suitable for the gastronomy: Fill the liquid up to the mark in the water container, select the desired ice cube size and press the start button. Household appliances from our ice cubicle comparison 2016/2017 deliver the first charge ice cubes already after a few minutes. In our article comparison, the best ice cube machines produce the first ice cubes even in less than 5 minutes. So if you want to get some spontaneous visit, and with cool drinks, should invest in such an ice machine.

2. Which types of ice cubes are there?

Ice cube machine
With a viewing window you can observe the ice cube production.
There are two types of ice cube articles: The air-cooled ice cube makers and the water-cooled ice cube makers. In the following, these two types are described and an ice cube maker comparison is carried out.

2.1. The air-cooled ice cube machine

Ice cubes are produced by the interplay of air and technology in the articles of the air-cooled ice cube makers. With this method, which is also suitable for the gastro, you save on operating costs, since only by the addition of sufficient air ice cubes are produced. Make sure that the air-cooled ice cube maker is in a place where there is sufficient air circulation and that the room temperature does not exceed a maximum of 32 ° Celsius.


2.2.Water-cooled ice cube machine:

We recommend water-cooled ice cube makers, above all, for all catering establishments. However, even in domestic kitchens, high levels of ambient temperature, for example in southern countries, we recommend a water-cooled ice cube machine. The ice cubes are nevertheless produced in high quality with this type.


3. Buying advice for ice cubes: You have to pay attention to this

Before you buy, compare an ice cube maker comparison and find the best ice cream machine for your needs.

3.1. Capacity and dimensions

Ice cube machine
Unold 48946 Ice Cube Maker
Do you like to have a lot of party parties, or do you often have guests who would like to have a refreshing drink? Then we recommend an ice cube maker with a water tank that can hold at least 2 liters of liquid to produce at least 12 kilograms of ice cubes per day. For individuals who want to enjoy a bourbon “on the rocks” or an ice cold cola after a hard day, our editorial team recommends an ice cube maker with a water tank of at least one liter.

3.2. Preparation time

The household appliances in our ice cubes comparison have a preparation time of less than 30 minutes. The Ice Cube Maker, chosen by our editorial team, makes ice cube production in record time. Therefore, if you are often dealing with spontaneous visits, you can score points with cool refreshing drinks within a short time.

3.3. Adjustable ice cubes

Whether cocktails with crushed ice from the ice crusher or a cola with large ice cubes in the glass: modern ice cube makers offer at least the choice between two ice cube sizes. The production of large ice cubes takes a little longer, while small ice cubes can be removed from the ice machine after just a few minutes. If your device can only produce large ice cubes, we recommend an ice crusher as an accessory for making ice cubes.


3.4. Viewing window

With a viewing window, you can easily check whether enough ice cubes have already been produced for the first drinks. This is to avoid water splashes when checking the ice cube level.
4. Care and cleaning tips

Cleaning with vinegar

If your ice machine is regularly in use, you should treat this vinegar every 6 months with the detergent. You should also do this before using the machine for the first time to avoid an unpleasant taste of the ice cubes.
Maintaining ice cube makers is not as much effort as many would suggest. Of course, the process of cleaning an ice cube maker is substantially simpler if the water container is removable. Otherwise it is a bit cumbersome to put the complete ice machine under the water tap. Bacteria and germs do not multiply really fast in an ice cube maker since a regular water exchange takes place by the preparation of ice cubes. Avoid leaving the ice maker for a long time unused and with a full water container, and wipe the ice machine dry after each use with a kitchen paper. Avoid sharp detergents such as soap, as otherwise the taste of the ice cubes can be impaired.
5. You should pay attention to the use of the ice machine

If the ice cube container is full, it is absolutely necessary to empty it, since the machine otherwise either switches off automatically and no more ice cubes are produced or the container overflows.

Tip: Empty excess ice cubes from the container into a bowl or bag and store the cubes until they are used in your freezer. You can also use the device to create ice cubes.
6. Ice cubes in the gastro and at home

6.1. Ice cube machines in the gastronomy

Ice cube machine
Ice cubes for particularly refreshing drinks.
Appliances for gastronomic operation must be professional and particularly efficient, which means that you have to produce a large quantity of ice cubes within a short time. The cost of such machines ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 euros. The price is composed by the number of different types of ice cubes and the production of ice cubes per day. As a rule, flake ice, hollow flakes, solid cubes and crushed ice can be produced with such profiling machines.

6.1. Ice cube machines in private household

The summers are getting hotter and the desire to be able to quickly make ice cubes even in their own homes. In contrast to the USA, refrigerators with an integrated ice cube maker are not yet standard, which is why many ice cream makers like to access high-quality ice cube makers. In our ice cube machine comparison, you will find the best ice cubes 2016/2017 and find out which device was chosen as our prize winner.
7. Ice cube machine test at Stiftung Warentest

Until now, Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted an ice cube machine test. In our ice cube maker comparison, you can compare different models and look at our ice cube machine comparison winner as well as the model that offers the best value for money.