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Not only in the cold season we have to fight with dry hair. The hairploom also bends against our will again and again. In such times the hair dryer is next to the curling iron and the flat iron to the most important supporters in the “fight” to the right hair dryer.

But not every hair dryer does not last long. A hair dryer test from Stiftung Warentest from the year 2009 showed that the majority of the 16 tested faucets at the time tested corresponded to the requirements for function and safety, but three of them failed. On the one hand, a model burst into flames after three seconds, and another because a different one broke.

In order to find a hair dryer which is not only safe, but also meets your needs, we have examined the best hair-dryer in the 2017 hair dryer.

- £1.00Bestseller No. 1
Remington D3010 2000W Power Dry Hair Dryer
  • Powerful 2000 W mid-size dryer for fast efficient styling
  • Three heat and two speed settings with cool shot to set styles
  • Eco setting, using the dryer on the mid heat setting saves more energy than using it on high heat setting
  • Removable, easy clean ceramic ionic grille for even heat and anti-static
  • 2 years guarantee
- 3Bestseller No. 2
TRESemme 5542DU 2200W Power Dryer
  • High power, 2200W for fast drying
  • Two heat and speeds plus cool setting;2.4 metre cord
  • Tourmaline-ceramic and ionic technology for frizz free hair
  • Concentrator nozzle and removable rear filter. Note: Ensure the rear filter is clear of hair and other debris before use.
  • Three-year guarantee
- £18.51Bestseller No. 3
Remington D3190 2200 W Ionic Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning (Deep purple)
  • 2000 Watt travel dryer
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • 2 heat/ 2 speed settings
- £53.00Bestseller No. 4
MHU Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Nozzle 2 Heat Cool Button Compact Small Little Powerful Mini Lightweight Low wattage Blow Dryer
  • MHD-101 mini hair dryer light small compact powerful, good for travel or houseuse
  • Long-life DC motor, powerful for you to dry your hair fast. Beautiful pink blow dryer, soft curves design, fashion and classic
  • Low wattage (900W) hair dryer and lightweight body, low noise signature
  • Cool shot for setting the style, multiple heat and speed combinations (High-O-Low)
  • Voltage: 220V-240V 50HZ 900W 1.8m salon cable with hang loop, it is safe, easy to use and store. Removable Concentrator included
- £55.00Bestseller No. 5
Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer with nanoe™ technology, for visibly improved shine on your hair
  • Nanoe hair dryer adds volume, minimises frizz and reduces damage to hair from brushing
  • Quick dry nozzle provides dual airflow for faster drying
  • Three heat and speed settings with three hair styling attachments for different styling needs
  • Also features: Cool-shot, removable filter, 2000 W and 9 foot cord with hanging loop
  • Dimensions(H x W x L): 9.1 x 8.2 x 3.5(inches), 23.1 x 20.8 x 8.89 (cm)


1. The right hair dryer

One can scarcely find one among the many hair dryers. Hair dryers can be bought everywhere: in the electrical trade, in the all-round supermarket and online. Without proper advice you are quickly seduced by color and design and make an emotional decision. In the following, we will inform you in our guide for the hair dryer comparison of all important details for a purchase decision.

2. How does a hair dryer work?

A hair dryer, hair dryer or hair dryer, we use almost daily after the shower to Hairstyling and – well – to dry our hair. But how does a hair dryer work at all?

Air is passed through electrified heating wires with a blower. The air is thus heated at the heating wires and blown through the hand-dried dry hair. Basically, the use of hair dryers is not exactly good, because if the heat is too high, water molecules could destroy the inside of the hair strand.

3. High-tech: ions and infrared

Did you know that your hair is fundamentally positively loaded? And did you know that you reinforce the positive charge by blow drying? A conventional hair dryer also ejects positive ions with the dry air stream, which cause electrostatic charges in the already positively charged hair. They then rise to the mountains, fly wildly and lose their luster, since the outer layer of the hair (so-called scaly layer) does not close by the ion bombardment. This layer is responsible for gloss and suppleness.

3.1 Ceramic and ion technology

The so-called ionic or ceramic technique counteracts this positive charge. In the blow-dry, negative ions, which neutralize the electrostatically positively charged hairs, also shoot out with the hot air stream. This function can be switched off and on at any time with some hair dryers. With an ionic hair dryer you are up to date with the latest technology. The ceramic and ion technology can be extended by a tourmaline coating. Tourmaline is a gemstone known to give negative ions. This enhances the neutralizing effect. The best hair dryer should therefore be equipped with a tourmaline ring, where the hot air jet from the hair dryer is blown through.

3.2 Infrared technology

Moisture can be removed from the hair by daily drying. The hair then looks dull and brittle. Unlike conventional hair dryers, heat generation is supported by an infrared lamp. The heat development with infrared is like warming sunrays and is more gentle for the hair. The infrared waves penetrate deep into the hair structure, which absorbs the heat. It appears shiny and supple.

4. Essays: Are you still drying or are you already styling?

4.1. Hair dryer nozzle

A hair dryer – also known as a styling nozzle – is shaped like a beak and bundles the outflowing hot air to a point. This allows the hot air stream to be concentrated to a few places and thus be dried more precisely.

This essay is particularly suitable for styling hairstyles. Without the attachment, the hot air is blown out broadly and serves less to the styling. Hair dryers are supplied with most manufacturers.

4.2. Diffuser

With a diffuser attachment, waves and curls succeed in turning around.
A diffuser is a large circular attachment with many small rod nozzles placed on the top of the hair dryer. Since it looks like a shower head, the diffuser for the hair dryer is also called air shower. Due to the indirect airflow, blow drying with a diffuser is the closest to the gentle air drying.

Basically, the air shower serves to bring waves, volume and, in the best case, even curls into the hair. A diffuser is only included with the more expensive models. For others there are diffusers as a universal attachment. But note that not every attachment is suitable for every device.

Excursion: tips & tricks for better hair drying

Basically, the hair should never be completely wet, but towel drying unconsolidated. In order not to damage the hair structure further, the hair should also not be brushed. However, if you do not brush around with curly or curly hair, you should use a coarse-tipped comb.

Since hot air is additionally a strong load on the hair, it is also recommended to use a heat protection spray or balm. If you want to do something good for your hair, it is also advisable to dry the hair at the lowest level.

5. You should still pay attention to this – a small purchase consultation

5.1 Performance

The performance of the hair dryer is besides the functions of course also very decisive. This determines the speed at which the air flows out. Most of the hair dryers in many hair dryer tests settle for a power of 2000 watts. This achieves speeds of up to 100 km / h, which allow fast drying. Devices with 2200 watts can reach up to 120 km / h according to the manufacturer.

Conventional hair dryers are usually equipped with a DC motor, the so-called DC motor. These are not intended for long-term use. Professional hair dryers – used in hairdressing salons – are equipped with an AC motor, also known as an AC motor. This motor is stronger in performance and allows a longer use, for example for complicated hair styling. In addition, there is a significantly higher longevity of AC motors. If you have wondered why your cheap faucets always have to be replaced so quickly, it is up to the power of the engine.

5.2 Left or right handed

Most of the devices in the hair dryer are designed for right-handed users. More and more manufacturers are also taking into account the needs of left-handers. The following applies to both: Make sure that the buttons are set. These should be easy to reach and with your strong hand.

5.3 Size and weight

Again, take care of handling and weight. The size alone can make the blow dry very unpleasant. If you have smaller hands, you can handle smaller devices better. With long blow-drying the arm can get quite heavy. If you do not want to start with the morning exercise exercises in front of the mirror, you have a lighter device.

5.4 Housing and material

Depending on how long you intend to use your hair dryer, you should also consider the housing and material. A solid housing usually means a higher durability. They put the hair dryer on the sink, only take care of your hairstyle and it falls on the hard bathroom floor.

5.5 Cable length

Depending on where the hair dryer is used, the cable length can be a decisive purchase criterion. Should you plan to use the hair dryer only in the bathroom, the usual cable length of 1.5 m should be sufficient.