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Summer, sun, sweat eruption – every year we yearn for a cooling in the hot season. The sun is popping, the air is standing, you jump from shadows to shadows … in our latitudes the heat is rarely unbearable. However, if the path to the next excavation or outdoor swimming pool is too far, the necessary refreshment can be provided in the garden. A garden shower provides a remedy.

You can use them to shower your body before you step into the pool to cool down your body when you have also heated up in the sauna, or simply to have your daily body care outdoors in the wonderful weather. Our Garland Shower Comparison 2017 shows you what to consider if you want to buy a garden shower and which is the best garden shower.


1. What is a garden shower?

The name is program: Undergarde shower is a device suitable for showering in the garden. Many garment show tests show that the equipment is variable, ranging from simple aluminum bars, which are poured into the ground and have a shower at the upper end, to noble cabins made of tropical wood with stainless steel fittings. Common to all is that they are connected to a garden hose via a commercially available valve and have no drainage. So you can have decision-making freedom where you want to place your outdoor shower and are not dependent on water pipes. In addition, you’ll have the green with a shower. Caution: Do not use a bead hose, the pressure will not be enough to operate your shower. For many, who have once tried it, the shower in the garden has become just as irreplaceable as garden furniture or the garden hose.

2. What types of garden shower types are available?

If one overlooks the equipment features, such as visibility, fittings, number of showers etc., one can classify garment showers in two categories: Such with and those without water tank.

2.1. Simple variant

The simple design does not have a water tank for storing water, so it is always necessary that a garden hose is connected. For this reason, the simple design is usually a favorable cooking nozzle. So the water temperature from your hose also comes to the shower. Since tap water has an average temperature of 10 ° C, this can also be too cold for hard rocks.

2.2. solar shower

In the case of the Solardusche, the construction has a container in which some liters of water can be stored. This usually uses the solar energy in a simple way to achieve a pleasant water temperature: it is often kept in dark colors. This simple method is often used in sun-rich countries.

2.3. Camping shower

For camping, on camping sites or festivals, there are special camping showers. These consist of a dark plastic container and simple valves. Thus, they can be easily transported and e.g. Next tree.
3. Purchase criteria for garment showers: You must take care of this

3.1. Solar or simple?

Solar energy makes use of solar energy to heat up the water.
It is important for the consultation to consider which type is suitable for your requirements. Simple cooking showers are usually very fast to assemble and dismantle and can therefore be suitable if you want to change the location more frequently, e.g. If you want to place them next to the inflatable pool. The simple models are often not very nice, so for a designed wellness area rather not suitable. In addition, they must be permanently connected to the hose and the water comes cold from the shower head.

The solar garden shower with tank is a good choice if you have a fixed location for showering in mind. Many of the solar models are attached to the floor with screws or bolts and can therefore be moved only with difficulty. You should pay attention to the fact that a possible solar collector has a favorable position to get as much sunshine as possible. Then your cooking shower supplies hot water, and this without electricity costs.

3.2. Number of showers

Depending on the intended application, you should keep an eye on the number of shower heads or water discharge points. For the simple cooling, the “fast-times-under-the-shower-bounce”, a single rain shower is sufficient. If you prefer to hold the showerhead in your hand, you should opt for a model with handbrake.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Even if the garden shower is made for outdoor use, you should let her have some care every now and then. The shower heads should be descaled at least once a year. There are no nozzles with lime and they have a long pleasure to shower outdoors. If the shower head is removable, simply put it in vinegar water for 1-2 hours. This solves the lime. If you have a static shower, take a plastic bag that will fill you with vinegar water. These can then be fixed to the shower head using gaffa tape, cable ties or hair gels. Take care that the vinegar water bath does not get too much, otherwise the material may suffer! Stainless steel is generally more robust than plastic.

If you have purchased a Garden Solardusche, you must empty the tank regularly to avoid a lazy condition. If you do not use the shower regularly, the manufacturers usually offer an opening for tank emptying. Even before winter, the water tank must be emptied completely, because otherwise it can be caused to burst by frozen water.

If you have bought a stylish wooden shower, make sure it is regularly oiled. The showers, as well as garden furniture, are made of sturdy wood, which meets the outdoor requirements. Oil can prolong the service life.

5. Build your own garden shower

Dive pump sand filter system pearl hose gardena
If the available models offer you a small water storage, do not match your taste or you simply build something by yourself, than there are many possibilities. From the tinkering of your own shower from showerhead, faucet and garden hose over the dismantling of the old garden furniture up to the establishment of a bathhouse the options are manifold.

A special highlight for the water connection is a water socket: these small cylindrical valves can be sunk in the lawn. Thus, the water supply for your shower can be underground and you can no longer stumble over a surrounding garden hose. It is also perfect for the pearl hose or lawn sprinkler (sprinkler), if you do not use a hose wagon.

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