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The trend of the garden pools comes from America in modern times and is the epitome for the life of the beautiful and the rich. It is not surprising that many people now want to have a pool in their own garden. Even if these garden pools are smaller than real swimming pools, they can provide relaxation in the summer. If you want to set up a modern chill-out lounge, do not miss buying a swimming pool, circular pool or steel wall pool. How nice would it be if you did not have to drive to a swimming pool to cool down? So that you really know what the best garden pool is and how you choose your personal garden pool comparison, our overview of various garden pool tests 2017 gives you all essential information about the purchase of pool swimming pools.

1. What is a garden pool?

The garden pool is usually referred to as a pool or a ready pool. Unlike traditional swimming pools, the garden pools are not let into the ground, but are level on a lawn. The floor must provide sufficient strength. Fine powder sand is not necessarily suitable for the installation of a garden pool. The finished pool is simply filled with water and then the bathing fun can begin. For a long time, you should use a mechanical filter system or a chlorine filter. Some vendors sell a whole garden pool set with filter. Compare is worthwhile in this area. The advantages and disadvantages of a separate pool are shown again in a graphic.

2. What kind of garden types are there?

In our overview of garden pool tests, we distinguish mainly two different types of garden pools. On the one hand, there is the garden pool for placing plastic, which is also referred to as a quick-up pool. On the other hand, the steel wall basin, which is characterized by a robust steel housing. If the pool is round, it is also referred to as a round pool.

2.1. Above ground pool

In the category of swimming pools, we summarize the simple quick-up pools, which do not have a fixed bathtub. They have only one inflatable edge at the top to protect the pool from leaking. The pools have to be pumped with a compressor and have a sand filter to maintain the water quality. An above-ground pool or a set-up pool is very easy to set up and can also be easily dismantled. By the way: In the meantime, there are even inflatable whirlpools for the garden, which can be similarly built up and dismantled and also stored again.

2.2. Steel wall basin

Steel wall basins are sometimes referred to as a steel wall pool and mainly consist of a steel wall which rests on a plastic rail. To prevent the water from escaping, a pool foil is used to hold the water. It is attached to the steel wall by a plastic ring at the top of the edge. The foil must be drawn as tightly as possible during assembly and must not throw wrinkles. The construction is much more difficult with the steel wall basins, but the pools usually last longer. The upper plastic ring serves as a pool cover and fulfills similar tasks as a basin rim in real swimming pools. A round-shaped steel wall pool is also referred to as a circular pool.

3. Purchase criteria for garden pools: You must pay attention to this

3.1. material

In the garden pool comparison there was only a few surprises in the materials. The simple set-up pools consist of 3-fold reinforced and laminated fabrics. It does not matter whether the manufacturer is called Bestway or Intex. The pool sheets are generally well processed and maintain a certain amount of time.

The steel baths are, of course, mainly made of a steel tub which protects the pool film and gives the pool greater stability. The steel baths are usually much more durable and ensure long swimming pool fun in the own garden.

3.2. size

With the size, there were no big surprises in various garden pool tests 2017. The height of the different swimming pools is usually only 70 – 80 cm. There are also large pools for swimming, which are then 1.3 meters high. The size, ie the diameter, is even greater. You can choose between 1.6 meters and more than 3 meters. In this category you can find the right one for every garden pool. However, garden pools do not come close to the diameter of real pools in hotels.

3.3. Capacity

The choice of your garden pool comparison sender should make you primarily dependent on the capacity of the pool. In this category there was a big difference in the pool comparison. From 2500 liters to more than 6000 liters you can choose the best garden pool for your purposes.

3.4. equipment

In our overview of garden pool tests it has been shown that a filter can help to improve water quality and is an essential accessory. Most pools have an integrated sand filter. To improve your water quality, however, we recommend a mechanical filter system or a chlorine filter.

To make your pool winterproof, the water must be skipped. There should be an outlet for the water, so that the water does not have to be skimmed out by hand.

Especially in the case of steel baths, there should also be a ladder, so that you can easily get in and out of the pool.

3.5. Garden Pools at Stiftung Warentest

A garden pool comparison of the Stiftung Warentest has not been so far. For this reason, we can only suggest which garden pool should be the winner of your choice and take a look at the price-performance ratio if you would like to buy a garden pool at a favorable price. It is no shame to want to buy a garden pool cheap, since the differences in the quality are not so big.

4. Questions and answers on the topic of garden pool

For particularly urgent users, we would like to answer the most important questions on garden and swimming pool as quickly as possible.

4.1. What do I need for a garden pool?

You need a flat surface for a garden pool and a little skill for the installation of the prefabricated pool. In various garden pool tests it has been shown that you should use a compressor for the construction of quick-up pools so that you do not have to flush the pelvic rim yourself. When using, you should not forget a water-repellent sunscreen with a high light protection factor. This is, of course, dependent on the type of skin.



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Intex Lazy Fish Baby Paddling Pool or Ball Pond #57109
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Intex Lazy Fish Baby Paddling Pool or Ball Pond #57109
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  • Built-in sunshade
  • Repair patch
  • Suitable for 1-3 years
  • Toy
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Clearwater CH0019 Multifunction Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool and Spa Treatment, 1 kg
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Clearwater CH0019 Multifunction Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool and Spa Treatment, 1 kg
  • Simple to use stabilised multifunctional chlorine tablets
  • Ideal for use with Lay Z Spas
  • For the disinfection of pools and spas
  • Slowly releases chemicals to produce clean and healthy water
  • Application instructions: Dissolve directly into pool or spa whilst the pump is running to aid distribution
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Intex 59416NP Crystal Blue Three Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool 1.14m x 25cm
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Intex 59416NP Crystal Blue Three Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool 1.14m x 25cm
  • 45" diameter inflatable paddling pool
  • Three ring pool
  • Intex crystal blue
  • Ideal for garden use.
  • Toy
  • Intex WetSet
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Bestway Heavy Duty Repair Patches for Inflatable Airbeds, Toys, Pools, Lilos
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Bestway Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool - 79 inch, Blue,54005-BNFX16XX02
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Bestway Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool - 79 inch, Blue,54005-BNFX16XX02
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  • Two equal rings with sturdy I-beam construction
  • Water capacity: 450 L (119 gal)
  • Overall Pool Dimension : 2.00 m x 1.50 m x 51 cm (inflated)
  • Toy