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Do you hear that? The swamp chirping her song, the stream rushing deliberately, the foliage of the willows rustling from the wind. Not only anglers love nature: unaffected, wild, idyllic. You could get into the hubbub, dream daydreams, let your mind wander – would not this sciatica nerve! Painful feet, low blood pressure, swollen legs: the swamp can still be so much in the way; Relaxation is not to be thought of.

What helps when standing is not an option? A chair – but which chair does one take with you for fishing, on camping excursions or hikes? In our 2017 chair comparison we would like to introduce you to a folding chair, which is very popular with anglers. What is an anchoring chair and which manufacturers you can buy the best chair for, we would like to clarify with the following guide. Grab your fishing rod and nets: Let’s go!

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 The fishing chair: a folding chair for all occasions

The chair (Carp Chair, Carp chair or carp chair) is a folding chair or folding chair, which serves as a seat for sitting down and is a more robust form of the beach chair. In addition to know-how and skill, the Angelsport also requires a lot of patience. For example, an angler can spend several hours bouncing on the float (or the pose) or the electronic bite indicator until the fishing line is stretched. And as everyone knows: hustle and bustle drives out fish. In the best case you can sit in an angling chair, so you can listen to the swamp and enjoy the sun.

To the category chair also belongs the carp chair. Similar to the carps, this type is characterized by so-called mud feet. These plate-like feet ensure that the chair is stable even on muddy ground and does not sink. This is not only practical for anglers, but also when you are using e.g. Like to visit festivals. Not only Wacken is a mud battle every year, but thanks to the mud feet of your carp chair, you can sit comfortably in spite of the weather – and in case of doubt, just wear a wadersuit!

 The material

No matter if you are camping-folding chair, folding chair or anglerstuhl: you should be able to sit comfortably and safely. Sitting comfortably in this case means that your chair has an upholstery – ideally on the entire seat, but at least in the head area. If the best chair does not have an upholstery, you can, of course, also provide comfort with a pillow. Sitting safely means that the legs are stable enough under the chair and that the fabric does not begin to tear at the first load.

How can I use a chair?

Anchors are space-saving, robust, ideal for travel, camping or hiking. On rainy festivals, the Karpfenstuhl helps to a safe stand and the practical drink holders take away your beer or the soda. A chair also makes a good figure in front of the tent as well as gas cookers and camping mats. Buyers of anchoring chairs report that they always store the practical chairs in the luggage compartment of their car, in order to have a comfortable seat for spontaneous breaks. So you can relax, listen to what the marsh has to report. And if you are an ambitious film fan, you can also use the folding chair as a chair chair – you just have to doodle director on the back.

What is better: Angling chair or angling?

A couch especially for anglers is e.g. The carp. Mud feet, a large reclining area and six striking legs for a stable stand: so you can see carps. They offer the passionate fisherman a sleeping and resting place, if the scaly river inhabitants once again not so right to bite. An anchor is therefore more likely to sleep or doze – less for sitting. Missing armrests, cup holders and the horizontal position make fishing even more difficult.