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In the film “The Fantastic Journey” from the year 1966, five scientists are shrunk in a space ship and injected into a patient in order to remove a dangerous blood clot. What was still science fiction at the time is now reality in a similar form: with the aid of endoscope cameras, physicians can look into the body and perform operations. This technique is called endoscopy. But endoscopes soon found other applications. Not only can people be examined, but also cars, machines, air shafts, sewage pipes and much more. In some professions, endoscope cameras are now indispensable.


1. How does an endoscope work?

All endoscope cameras are built according to the same principle: a long tube is used to transfer an image and make it visible to the user. Earlier models were rigid and had an optical fiber inside, which extended the image. Later on came flexible endoscopes, where the transmission by a glass fiber bundle took place. A modern endoscope color camera transmits the image digitally. She sits in the head of the hose. Instead of light guides there is a cable and the transmission does not happen optically, but by ones and zeros. On a screen at the other end, they are converted back to a video. In medicine, endoscopy with camera transmission is an important examination method.

If you want to buy an endoscope camera, you quickly find that two different types of endoscope cameras are available in the market: it is offered on the one hand without a screen, so only as a long tube. Alternatively, you can purchase it in conjunction with a small display on a Haltegriff. If you decide for the first variant, you must organize a screen yourself. The best is a laptop. Some models also allow the use of an Android smartphone, for which the app has to be downloaded. If the screen is already included, the user can go directly.

One device – many names

Over the decades, new names have emerged for this clever device and its variations – in some fields of application, Inspection cameras. Do not worry, you do not have to memorize all of memorizing. Here is an overview:

Boreskop, Autoskop, Technoskop, Intraskop (for rigid endoscopes)
Fiberscope, Flexoscope (for flexible endoscopes)
Arthroscope, cystoscope / cystoscope (for medical endoscopy)
Video endoscope, telescope camera, inspection camera, schwanenhals camera (for endoscope cameras)

3. What to consider when purchasing

3.1. Hose length and diameter

Perhaps our purchase advice has already aroused your appetite for an endoscope camera and you can hardly wait to play cave explorer in your apartment? Just pause and consider exactly whether the seemingly best endoscope camera for pipes in your home is at all suitable. Which hollow bodies, angles or machines do you want to examine? The length and the diameter of the hose must fit. Even the endoscope camera comparator is not suitable for any purpose.

If the endoscope camera has only a short tube (about 1 meter), it is especially good as a car camera, with which the body can be inspected. There are many angles, but no long stretches. A 10m endoscope camera would be the longest time just rolled up and very unwieldy. If, on the other hand, you dive into the sewage pipes, a long hose may be necessary. If the spot you are looking for is one meter away from the opening, you are thrown with a short endoscope camera.

3.2. Compatibility with other screens

If you have chosen a pure tube camera without a screen, it is definitely compatible with other screens – because where else the picture should be displayed? At some point it must be made visible. The tubing usually ends up in an ordinary USB plug that you can plug into the laptop. The necessary software for the operation of the endoscope camera with USB is usually included in the scope of supply. The inside of your tube or your car body will then look on the laptop screen. For smartphones, a USB socket would be too large. Instead, use the smaller micro-USB connector format. Some manufacturers also attach an adapter to the USB endoscope camera, or allow the conversion in a different way.

With the endoscope cameras with screen the thing is somewhat more complex. Some of them are only available with the included screen. For others, you can use your own or an external screen. The image is transferred from the handle of the endoscope camera via Wifi or classic RCA plug (see picture).

With an adapter, this video signal can also be made readable for a modern device (such as a laptop) – for who wants to put a tube TV into the bath while he or she is using the endoscope to scan a tube? A few endoscope cameras even have a micro-USB port so this adapter is not needed. In our endoscope camera comparison, you can quickly compare which product has which connector.

3.3. Record and save

Depending on the application, it may happen that you want to record the inner life of your pipe or car. Perhaps the advice of a professional is necessary, which can recognize directly by means of an image, how soon a part has to be repaired or replaced. Or you would like to show a customer what damage to the body of his car has been caused and need to be remedied.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that human memory is not perfect. If you are no longer safe the next day as the break in the tube, it would be cumbersome to get the whole hose in again. More practical is a video of the last “operation”.

If the endoscope camera is connected to an external screen, you do not need a storage medium. In this case, the other device can record the video and store it with you. However, it is also easier: Some endoscope cameras have a slot for microSD memory cards at the Haltegriff. These are extremely small, but have several gigabytes of storage space – enough for a few hours of video material. In the endoscope-camera comparison, you can immediately see which models of such a memory card can be used or even included.

3.4. lighting

Lighting is a not unimportant aspect. Most common endoscope cameras have tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the camera head. They bring light into the dark, under the dressers, into the pipes, under the vehicles, and even into mouse holes. Normally the brightness of the LED luminaire can be changed. In certain situations, the light of the endoscope camera may be more disturbing than useful.

3.5. Power supply

Endoscope cameras, which are connected to an external device, also provide it. However, if the camera has its own screen, it needs batteries or a battery.

3.6. Waterproof – or not?

The promise of the manufacturer sounds tempting to get a water-resistant camera. Who would not like to go on a dive in his garden pond and explore the bottom of the lake? However, the devices are simply not designed for a permanent operation under water, in particular under high pressure. It is important for the user that they do not give up the spirit when they are in contact with a puddle on the bottom of the pipe. We advise against this: Do not put your endoscope camera to the test in the regentonne!

If water penetrates into the camera, this is annoying for the consumer. In the case of combustible substances, however, it can become dangerous. With normal endoscope cameras for the do-it-yourself of today must not be around in oil canisters, benzine tanks or similar.

3.7. equipment

In some endoscope cameras, a magnet, hook or mirror can be placed, depending on the desired function.
Imagine this scenario: After endless search, you have found the already lost earring under the heavy bedroom cabinet. Of course, you are cheering, as if you had discovered the legendary amber room (and broke your head about how the stupid ring had gotten there in the world), but now there is a new problem: the closet is very old, your grandmother’s heirloom, Made of oak and felt three tons. There is no question of moving in, so you would have to get two friends together. With a ruler, you just poke in the dark.

Fortunately, some manufacturers of endoscope cameras offer practical accessories – the endoscope-camera comparison reveals to you, which is the case. With a tiny hook attachment for the camera head, you can specifically reach for the ring. Apart from this, a magnetic attachment is also sometimes offered, which can be used, for example, to pull out small bobbins. Finally, the mirror essay is mentioned, with which under the cupboard still a look to the side is possible – for example, to look at the bottom.

4. What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy in the classical sense is a medical procedure in which organs and body openings are examined using an endoscope. The doctor can control and perform minor procedures, such as the removal of defective fluids.

4.2. How is an endoscope configured?

An endoscope, which is used in crafts and industry, has a headboard, in which a small camera sits. It is usually less than an inch thick. Behind this is a hose, which acts as an extension and transmits the recording. Depending on the model, it is more or less flexible and accordingly suitable for different pipes and hollow bodies.

The length can also vary widely. Some hoses have a length of one meter, while others reach up to ten meters. The last part is a screen where the user can see what the camera is pointing at. There is also a special endoscope camera for Android smartphones, which then form the monitor. For a transfer to a mobile phone or laptop a special app or software may be necessary.

Bestseller No. 1
Shekar 7mm Android Endoscope 3 in 1 USB/Micro USB/Type-C Borescope Inspection Camera Waterproof for Smartphone Tablet with OTG and UVC Function and PC Laptop-3.5m
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Shekar 7mm Android Endoscope 3 in 1 USB/Micro USB/Type-C Borescope Inspection Camera Waterproof for Smartphone Tablet with OTG and UVC Function and PC Laptop-3.5m
  • 3 in 1 USB/Micro USB/Type-C Adapter: Shekar Android endoscope comes with several adapters, Android tablet/ smartphone and computer(Windows XP/7/8/10 & MAC OS) are supported; Do not support Samsung A5,HUAWEI P8, HUAWEI P10 and iPhone/iPad;
  • High Resolution: the usb snake inspection camera captures snapshot image or video with 640*480 high resolution, 30 frames per second;
  • Easy to use: Just plug in and install the software(free "CameraFi/USB Camera/OTG View/Mscope" for Android from google play store, "Smart Camera/VLC/USB Camera" for Windows), you will be ready to go;
  • More Features: The 7mm borescope is IP67 waterproof, the built-in 6 adjustable led lights helps to observe area under water, dark gaps and holes;
  • Safe and Reliable: 24 months warranty, free replacement and after sale service are available.
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USB Endoscope, Potensic Semi-rigid Type-C Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0MP CMOS HD Waterproof Snake Camera with 6 Adjustable Leds for Android, Windows & Macbook OS Computer - 16.4ft(5M)
  • Type-C Connector Design:Featuring with Type-c connector, it is available to USB Type-c enabled android 4.4+ device with OTG & UVC function,like Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, Nexus 6P etc. Attached with two extra adapter for using on Micro USB Android and Windows XP/7/8/10 & Macbook OS computer.
  • High Vision 2.0MP CMOS Camera: Featuring with 2.0MP HD CMOS sensor camera, it enables you to capture clear images or record high quality video at a close range with resolution up to 1600 x 1200. In order to get the best quality, the best observation distance is about 1.2-2.4inch, if too far or too close, it may both affect the image quality.
  • Unique Blue LED technology,6 adjustable blue LED light on camera tip, it greatly helps to improve image brightness and clarity even in dark or low-light condition.
  • Waterproof Probe: The camera probe is IP67 waterproof with 0.33inch diameter, which has no difficulties in exploring the underwater pipes, inspecting any leaky holes or jammed sinks. No need to worry about causing damages to the camera.
  • 16.4ft Semi-Rigid Cable: Armed with a 16.5ft bendable semi-rigid cable that can bend and hold, it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place so as to better satisfy different needs, such as curved holes or pipes.
Bestseller No. 3
WiFi Endoscope Camera, BEVA Upgraded Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD Waterproof Snake Tube Camera for iPhone, Samsung, Tablet, Laptop (5 Meter)
  • Without using extra adapter or cable, this Wireless Endoscope Camera can be easily connected with your smartphone or tablet via WIFI after you download and install the compatible APP "HTwifi" on your device by Scan the QR code on the manual
  • After a lot of research, We decide a 5M bendable semi-hard durable wire with the ultrasonic welding adjuster make it better than other soft. it could bend and hold its shape to access confined place , such as curved holes or pipes
  • Featuring with 2 Megapixels HD camera, this endoscope offers you a wonderful experience of recording a clear close range HD video in AVI format and snapshot image in JPG format with adjustable resolutions 640x480, 1280 x 720
  • 6 LED & IP67 Waterproof. A turning wheel to adjust the brightness of six LED lights, not afraid dark area. IP67 Waterproof Camera, can inspect area under water. It Can take Photo, video Via APP, convenience to use
  • Widely application for sewer pipeline, underwater exploration, automotive, Air Condition, Pipe Cleaning, search and rescue, Machine, engine, vent pipe, parts assembly, Equipment Inspection etc
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Crenova 2-in-1 Micro USB Type-C Port Waterproof Endoscope for Mac PC laptop Android Smartphone (5m, Android USB, 1)
  • [1].Powerful Features* 2.0 Megapixel CMOS, 1600x1200 Resolution, IP67 Waterproof Series, 8.5mm Diameter of Camera Head and 6 Built-in LED Lights.
  • [2].Newly Type of Material* 5 M Bendable Cable, Keep its Shape without Gravity Effect , Durable Material.
  • [3].3 Different USB Interfaces Supported* 2-in-1 USB Cable combined with ordinary USB 2.0 and Micro USB; Extra USB Type-C Connector ; Can be connected with PC/laptop/Mac/ Android Smartphone.
  • [4].Full Set of Accessories* Included Storage Bag, Magnet Head, Tiny Mirror and Small Hook ; Easy to take and Meet All Needs.
  • [5].Widely Application* Underwater Exploration, Air Condition and Pipe Cleaning, Machine and Equipment Inspection, Wildlife Observation, Not for Medical Use.
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Inspection Camera,CrazyFire Wireless iOS Android Semi-rigid Endoscope,2.0 Megapixel 720P HD WiFi Borescope Camera,8 Led 8.0mm Waterproof Snake Flexible Camera for Samsung,iPhone
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Inspection Camera,CrazyFire Wireless iOS Android Semi-rigid Endoscope,2.0 Megapixel 720P HD WiFi Borescope Camera,8 Led 8.0mm Waterproof Snake Flexible Camera for Samsung,iPhone
  • Use Out of Box: Just connect your device to wifi network, then you could view live inspection video. Please notice no need a local wifi, just turn on the wifi box ,then it creates its own wifi network. Wifi transmission distance is up to 30 meter.
  • Easy-to-Use: Scan the QR code in the manual to download APP, connect your phone or other devices via wifi, open the APP and video will show up on screen. Small tools like a hook, a mirror and a magnet are included,help you to do other task while view.
  • Widely Compatible:Support IOS/Android/Mac/Windows system.Built-in battery WIFI transmitter,no extra power supply need. Support 4 devices at most connecting to the wifi at the same time. You could view videos your device with stable wifi connection.
  • Better Performance: A ultra small size of 8.0mm diameter, 6 adjustable tiny white Leds(from off to full brightness),waterproof IP67,resolution up to 1280 x 720 HD high quality images and 70 degree viewable angle,with these features you could easily explore those dark hard-to- reach places.
  • Multi-Purpose Design: This portable wifi inspection camera could be used for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment,engine,cable routing,automotive/boat/aircraft or aviation inspection & maintenance, automotive or vehicle and etc