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Are you a hobby DJ and looking for a better way to mix your tunes? Or are you new in the field of musical background design and are you looking for a device with which you can rock a party? A DJ controller (also called a mixer) offers you the possibility to edit music digitally. So you can change and cut songs and melodies with sound effects. The DJ Controller solves the classic DJ mixing console with turntables. This allows even beginners, who are not familiar with the DJ world, to create their own sound mix. If you want to compare DJ controllers, you must first consider what you want to use the unit. Many DJ items are very expensive, but what makes a cheap DJ controller? And who is the DJ controller comparison winner 2017? Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you and what exactly you should pay attention to the purchase, you will find here in our DJ controller comparison.

- £7.45Bestseller No. 1
Numark Party Mix Two-Channel Starter DJ Controller with Built-In Sound Card, Light Show
76 Reviews
Numark Party Mix Two-Channel Starter DJ Controller with Built-In Sound Card, Light Show
  • Party DJ Control System
  • Built-in light show creates party atmosphere
  • Simple plug and play. Pad mode to change the current function of the performance pad
- £0.99Bestseller No. 2
Numark DJ2GO 2 Portable DJ Controller with Serato Intro and Built-In Audio Interface
58 Reviews
Numark DJ2GO 2 Portable DJ Controller with Serato Intro and Built-In Audio Interface
  • Portable two-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro (included), Perfect for performing or prepping your DJ set playlist and cue points
  • Control the music with play, jog wheels and fader
  • Song navigation and headphone cueing to create the perfect mix, Fits perfectly in front of your laptop
  • Built-in audio card with channel and master gain control
  • Standard midi mapping for use with other popular DJ software
Bestseller No. 3
Pioneer 3628867031 - DDJ-SB2 DJ Control Black
15 Reviews
Pioneer 3628867031 - DDJ-SB2 DJ Control Black
  • Four rubber pads enable you to trigger Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler - while a further four give immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync and Shift functions.
  • This compact controller comes with large jog wheels, providing a dynamic performance with great scratch response and accuracy.
Bestseller No. 4
Hercules Compact DJ Control
19 Reviews
Hercules Compact DJ Control
  • Compact & portable usb powered two-deck dj controller.
  • Includes powerful and intuitive djucedtm 18 dj software.
  • Scratch as naturally as with a vinyl record with the help of the jog wheels. (2 jog wheels + 2.95" (7.5 cm).
  • 8 pads as has never been seen on this compact type of controller. 4 modes ( loop,effect,samples,cue).  
  • Mixer controls in the center, individual deck controls on the left and right. 10 control buttons including a shift command allowing you to double all the pad controls.
- 26Bestseller No. 5
Hercules DJControl Instinct P8, ultra-mobile USB DJ Controller with 8 sample pads and Audio Outputs for use with your Headphones and your Speakers
19 Reviews
Hercules DJControl Instinct P8, ultra-mobile USB DJ Controller with 8 sample pads and Audio Outputs for use with your Headphones and your Speakers
  • Dual-deck DJ controller with 2 pressure-detecting jog wheels, Mixer controls in the centre, and individual deck controls on the left and right.
  • 8 sample pads with multi-coloured lighting, allowing better comprehension.
  • Built-in sound card with 2 RCA outputs for mixing and a 1.8"/3.5 mm mini-jack stereo output for previewing tracks on headphones.
  • Combined with the latest version of DJUCEDTM 40°, the DJControl Instinct P8 provides a complete experience, from mixing to performance!
  • Detachable USB cable; Easy to install; No drivers required; PC / Mac compatible.
  • Combined with the latest version of DJUCED 40°, the DJControl Instinct P8 provides a complete experience, from mixing to performance!


1. How does a DJ controller work?

The technical assistant works like a digital DJ mixing console. Most articles have so-called jog wheels – also known as shuttle jogs, decks or wheels – imitating the classic turntables (playing fields for records). This way you can work through digitally played music similar to vinyl. Please note that the mixer alone does not play music – it must be connected to a computer where a compatible DJ software (such as Traktor, Serato DJ) is installed. In this case, the mixer is used as a tool: if a key is pressed on the controller, it is sent to the computer via a MIDI signal (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and the software converts it into an audio signal. That is why digital mixers are also known as MIDI controllers. You need a sound card for sound transmission. It is built into the computer hardware and converts digital signals into analogue audio signals – and vice versa. For a better listening experience, a new professional sound card can also be purchased.

Many DJ controllers have a built-in sound card. These mixers are recommended, as they provide a better sound. They are also referred to as a DJ controller with interface – the hardware is named here with the interface. They are usually connected via USB to the laptop or computer. Whether you’re looking for a classic audio mix for Turntables and Vinyl Records, or the digital deck, you’ll see a DJ Controller comparison.


The controller is also suitable for beginners who do not have any DJ equipment, e.g. A mixing console. Even professional DJs have already discovered the controller for themselves: in gigs and in the studio, he is used in addition to mixing console and turntables incl. Mix tracks faster. Here, especially devices are optimal, which do not have jog wheels, but are controlled by a touch pad. This allows you to control your decks particularly well – in a space-saving way.

The DJ controller is usually connected via USB to the computer or laptop. Most devices are sold including USB cables. Signals can be transmitted via XLR or CINCH terminal (connection). Some products have multiple outputs so you can choose. XLR provides balanced (analog) signals, RCA for unbalanced (digital). RCA inputs are used to connect stereo devices, such as speakers, headphones etc., the XLR terminal is used to connect a computer or CDJ. If you want to work purely digital, make sure your DJ controller supports Spotify, Youtube or other music platforms. This is usually software-dependent. Here you do not need a port for a VDJ.

2. What DJ controller types are there?

There are many different DJ controller categories. The main difference is how many sound channels it works with, so there are 2 deck controllers and 4 deck controllers. In addition, there are categories on the market that allow simple operation, such as plug-and-play controllers and stand-alone products: standalone controllers. We’ll tell you the difference in our DJ Controller comparison.

2.1. 2 deck controller

Perfect for the club: The Pioneer DDJ SX2 is already compatible with the new Serato Flip software.
The best DJ controller for beginners, not least because it is generally cheaper than a 4-deck controller and is easy to use. Also, semi-professional DJs come here at their expense, which has resulted in our DJ controller comparison. The 2 deck controller (also 2-channel mixer) usually has 2 jogwheels to control the sound manipulation. These are connected to 2 channels in the software. To change sounds in the channel, move your fingers back and forth on the decks. The 2 channel version is especially common.

Please note, however, that not all players have the scratch function. It depends on your priorities. Absolute amateurs who want to edit songs from time to time without scratching. If you often use the DJ software and like to compose new tracks, the scratch function is recommended. She is also usually a hit at parties.

2.2. 4 deck controller

Looks like a 2 deck controller, so usually has 2 jog wheels. In the software, however, you can control 4 decks (ie 4 channels). Consequently, the 4-channel mixer also has 4 faders. Most hobby DJs will have 2 decks if they want to play with a partner, a 4 deck controller is ideal (e.g., Pioneer DDJ RZ or DDJ RX). Also for professional DJs, 4 channels are a highlight.

What is a CDJ?

A CDJ (Compact Disc Jockey) is a CD player, which transfers sound analogously from the CD to your mixing console. The DJ controller has direct access to the drive of your computer via the USB cable - so you do not need a CDJ as an accessory. If your mixer has multiple inputs, it is compatible with CDJs. A popular model in the music world is e.g. The CDJ 2000 by Pioneer.

2.3. Class Compliant / Plug and Play

Means that the player can be easily connected to a Mac or PC without a driver such as An installation software must be used. Plug and Play products are ideal if you have multiple computers, often change laptops or lend the device to friends. Many manufacturers (e.g., Serato, Pioneer, Native Instruments) provide plug and play devices.


2.4. Standalone DJ Controller

If the player is completely independent of a computer and can be operated without cable, it is also called standalone. It is thus the counterpart to the midi controller. Some midi devices have a standalone option, but can also be connected to a PC or Mac. Pure standalone products are just coming and are a true investment, e.g. The Pioneer XDJ Aero, which even has WIFI. Because these products are more relevant to professional DJs and producers, we have not included them in our choice of DJ Controller Comparator 2017.
3. Purchase Criteria for DJ Controller: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. Decks / Pads

Control Panels usually have a number of connections.
It is not only the number, but also the size of the jog wheels. Larger controllers usually have larger wheels. These are ideal when you have strong or big hands. Small jog wheels are space-saving. In our DJ controller comparison we recommend especially pressure sensitive jog wheels or a touchpad. Pressure-sensitive yogweels ensure a particularly sensitive operating mode. Make sure that the wheels are sensitive – if a DJ controller is favorable, the jog wheels are usually heavy – which can frustrate. Products with touchpad are particularly fast to use. If you want a mixer for your next live performance or if you are an advanced hobby DJ, this is the best DJ controller for the job. This allows you to connect and adjust your existing DJ equipment.

3.2. Number of inputs and outputs

There are two DJ controller types: Articles without inputs and outputs can be compared with a keyboard. Here, the sound depends solely on the computer to which you connect the device. For amateurs this type is sufficient.

If a DJ controller has multiple inputs, you can use equipment such as A microphone and your DJ mixer. Outputs are e.g. For speakers or headphones. This is recommended if you use a lot of music equipment. Often, you can also connect MP3 players, smartphones or tablets. If your DJ Controller is compatible with Android, you can download the App DJ Control. If you are an Apple fan and your DJ Controller iPad is compatible, there are also products here.

3.3. Audio interface

Audio interface is an integrated sound card. This allows you to send music to speakers or headphones, regardless of the sound card quality of your computer. If the player does not have an integrated sound card, music can only be played on your PC or Mac.

3.4. material

Most articles are made of plastic. If you are looking for a particularly durable device, you should pay attention to a metal housing. Professional models like the Kontrol DJ KDJ 500 from Native Instruments or the Pioneer DDJ series are often made of steel and are almost indestructible. Edge protectors are also helpful, they are usually made of rubber and protect your controller from wear.