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Just many women with straight hair dream (at least temporarily) of it: curls! Whether it’s Hollywood waves or corkscrew lanyards – with the matching curling iron, woman can fulfill this dream quickly and easily. The strands of hair are laid and placed in the form of strands for the strands. But be careful: not every curling iron is suitable for every hair type. Hair length, hair structure and the desired curl shape influence the choice of the appropriate model.

In the year 2015 approx. 830,000 curling pleasure daily to the curling iron. In order to find the right model for your magnificent locks, we have looked at 2017 devices from different categories. A comprehensive purchase advice as well as potential lure rod comparison winner we offer you in the following guide to the lumbago comparison.

- £4.25Bestseller No. 1
BaByliss Curl Pro 210 Tong
  • For lasting bouncy curls.
  • 25mm tourmaline-ceramic barrel creates smooth curls.
  • Easy to use lever to softly hold the hair as you curl.
  • 5 digital temperature settings from 150°C - 210°C.
  • High heat performance with ultra-fast heat up.
- £3.00Bestseller No. 2
BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro
  • Versatile wand for natural looking curls that last
  • Easy to use conical 25-13mm barrel, simply wrap and curl
  • Non-slip Wrap Control gently holds the hair around the barrel for perfect curl formation. Ceramic barrel infused with Macadamia and Camellia oils
  • Extra-long barrel for curling longer hair lengths
  • 5 digital temperature settings from 150°C - 210°C
Bestseller No. 3
Anjou Curling Iron with Ceramic Coating, Curling Tongs 32mm in Diameter, 210mm Long with Anti-scalding Insulated Tip, Hair Salon Curler Wave Maker - For All Types of Hair
148 Reviews
Anjou Curling Iron with Ceramic Coating, Curling Tongs 32mm in Diameter, 210mm Long with Anti-scalding Insulated Tip, Hair Salon Curler Wave Maker - For All Types of Hair
  • Longer Hair Needs Longer Barrel - Benefit from a finely-proportionate build that measures 21 cm / 8.27 inch in length - longer barrel which suits longer hair to create beautiful curlers
  • Fast Heating PTC & Ceramic Coating: Heats up to 410 ℉ / 210 ℃ in only 60 seconds for fast curling; Ceramic construction allows for a smooth operation without pulling the hair
  • Easy To Use & Curl: 360° rotatable power cord stretches up to 2.5 m - 40% longer than similar devices; Built-in stainless steel support lets you easily lay the curling wand to cool down
  • Safe Build & Operation: Avoid scalding with the thermally insulated wand tip and included heat resistant glove; Turns automatically off after 30 minutes for extra peace of mind
  • Different Heating Settings: Seamlessly adjust the temperature from 176 °F / 80 °C up to 410 °F / 210 °C to suit fine, normal, and even thick hair
- £5.00Bestseller No. 4
BaByliss Volume Waves Ceramic Curling Tong
  • For ultra loose, natural looking waves on longer hair.
  • Large 38mm nano titanium ceramic barrel ;Auto shut off ; 1.8m swivel cord
  • Easy to use lever to softly hold the hair as you curl.
  • 5 digital temperature settings from 140 degree C to 200 degree C
  • High heat performance with ultra fast heat up.
Bestseller No. 5
Curling Iron Ceramic Curling Wand With LCD 80-210℃ Temperature Control For Elehot -Black
  • 🎁Tourmaline Ceramic Techtology:Thus curling wand barrel will give you a silky hair style with a luminous luster
  • 🎁5 Interchangeable Barrels:This styling tool can offer you 5 dimensions to meet your style needs
  • 🎁LCD Display &Adjustable Temperature :The hair curler featuring an digital display and the temperature varies from 180℉to 450℉
  • 🎁60 Minute Auto Shut Off Function:It is OK if you forget to shut off the curling iron
  • 🎁Easy to use:The iron set is easy to operate, you can enjoy the endless styling possibilities at home


1. What is a curling iron and how does it work?

Curls are timeless. No matter whether you have long or short hair, curls always look good – a reason why many women with smooth hair sometimes want curls. The curling iron is ideal for this purpose. Each curling iron is of the same construction: it consists of a handle and an elongated heating element, around which the hair strands for strands are placed. This, as the name implies, heats up, since the hydrogen bonds are loosened in the hair by heat, making it easier to form.

With good appliances, which have shown relevant curling test, you can adjust the temperature and adjust to your own hair structure and density. In addition, curling irons sometimes have an additional clamp on the heating element, with which the hair strands can be fixed during reeling. These models are especially popular with beginners as they make the work much easier. However, if used incorrectly, there is a risk that the clamp will leave unsightly imprints in the hair, which are also fixed by the heat.

When was the curling iron invented?

The curling rod goes back to the fire scissors, also referred to as onduliereisen. This styling device came into fashion around 1880. It was heated on the stove and served to bring the hair into a wave form. Similar techniques are already known from ancient times. In Greece they used a calamister – a hollow metal rod. Around this the hair was laid. Subsequently, a heated bronze rod was introduced into the tube and thus shaped the hair.

Curling iron diameter

Depending on your hair length, you should choose a curling iron with a suitable diameter.
The curling rod has a distinct advantage over the classic curler. The application is easier and much faster. The curls are stable and usually last at least one day. However, the hair is significantly stressed by the working heat. This problem is also due to the development of the classic curlers, the heat coils. If you do not select a special model with interchangeable attachments, you are also relatively strong in the shape of the curls. This depends on the diameter of the curling iron.

Not to be confused is the curling iron with so-called warm air brushes or volume brushes. These look similar, but instead of a curling iron attachment over a head, which reminds a round brush. Through holes in the surface of this brush head warm air flows, sometimes it also rotates.

These devices tend to be less effective to form true curls. They are intended to give the hair more volume or momentum. They are also less suitable for women with long hair because they can easily get caught in the round brush attachment.
An alternative to the curling iron is the flat iron. This is reminiscent of a pair of pliers whose head consists of two flat heating plates. These are pressed together and thus form the interlaced strand of hair. Contrary to what the name implies, straighteners do not only serve to smooth the hair. With the right technique you can also form curls and waves. Corkscrew lugs are not possible.

You should pay attention to this when buying a curling iron

2.1. What can it be: size and form

Use the lure rod
When buying a curling iron, pay attention to the hair length.
What size the diameter of your hair should have depends on your hair length – and of course what kind of hair you want to achieve. In principle, the following purchase advice applies: the shorter your hair, the smaller should be the diameter of the heating element. Finally, it will be difficult to wrap scarcely shouldered hair more than twice around a hairpin with a diameter of 38 mm. In various curling tests, it has been shown that even with long hair you can not achieve proper curls.

Instead, a large-diameter curling iron is particularly suitable for the typical “Hollywood waves” seen in many high-gloss magazines. A diameter of 16 to 19 mm is suitable for almost every hair length. Small curling corkscrew curls can be formed. An intermediate size of 25 mm can be used very flexibly. Both natural curls and light waves are no problem. The hair should be at least shoulder-length.

A particularly nice result is achieved with a curling iron whose heating element is conical or conical. That’s hot, the staff is running toward the end. The curling rod is then held upright with the handle upwards, while the hair is placed around the rod. The curls thus have a smaller radius in the tips and look more natural.

2.2. Heating rate

A good heat protection spray contains the protein Keratin, which protects the hair from drying out.
If you do not want to wait long for the curling iron to reach its set working temperature, make sure that it has a fast heating function.

This means that the device is ready for use within 60 seconds. In the lock bar comparison, all devices were ready for use. In addition, the device should have a temperature-balance function, so that the set temperature can be maintained over the entire period of use. In order to dress a whole head, skilled users need scarcely 10 to 15 minutes. If you do not have any experience, you should plan 20 to 30 minutes.

2.3. They regulate this already: the temperature regulation

One of the most important aspects with curling irons is temperature control. Why? Because not every hair type can tolerate the same temperature.

2.4. Apply hand

Protective glove
A heat protection glove protects you from burns by the curling iron.
From the aspect of the handling of a curling iron is first of all its weight. Especially untrained users need up to half an hour to work all the hair. Since the curling iron can become difficult with time, especially as the arms are usually held above the head.

Particularly easy to handle are curling irons with a clamping holder for the hair. With these devices, the hair is clamped during winding and does not slip so easily from the heating cylinder. However, they also have a disadvantage. Sometimes the clamps leave unsightly kinks, especially on the tip of the hair, which “burns” through the heat.

If you do not want to do this, you can access a model without a clamp. Especially the tapered curling tines provide a very natural result. However, they are somewhat more cumbersome to handle and therefore more recommended for practiced curls.

They are held vertically, with the handles pointing upwards and the tip of the curling bar pointing downwards. The strands are wound downwards around the heating element starting from the hair extension. Since the devices do not have a clamp, the hair strands must be held at the tips. There is, of course, the risk of burning. A good heat-protection glove, which is already included in some devices, can help.

2.5. Material and coating

Remington curling iron
Some ceramic curling irons have an extra bead coating to help preserve the hair.
The heating element of a curling iron should basically consist of ceramic. This material has a particularly smooth surface and very good thermal properties. Heat peaks, which are generated with a non-uniform heat distribution and which could damage the hair, do not occur with ceramic curling tongues.

The contact surface between the hair and the heating element should be smooth and slidable. This results in less friction and the scaly layer of the hair is spared. At the same time, the treated hair is given a silky shine.

In addition, some devices have further additional coatings, e.g. With tourmaline, beads or silk proteins. These should be particularly well-groomed. In most cases it is also about the supply of keratin – the protein that is contained in the hair. If the dandruff layer of the hair breaks, the keratin can escape and the hair dries out.

The manufacturers are very creative in terms of the designations for the different coatings. “Sublim’touch”, “Pearl” and “Silk” are just a few examples. How effective these additives really are is hardly noticeable. The addition of tourmaline should, for example, ensure that the hair does not become statically charged during the treatment with the curling iron, which would impair the appearance of the curls.