Barbecue smoker

1. What is a smoker and how does it work?

A barbecue smoker (also abbreviated as BBQ-Smoker) is basically a wood-fired and charcoal-fired oven, in which the grill food can be cooked and smoked in the hot smoke.

Smokers have been used in the long history of grilling, particularly in the southern states of the USA, to prepare a barbeque and are therefore often referred to simply as a barbecue grill or BBQ grill.

The often-mentioned difference to conventional grills in a ball or box shape is that smoked with a smoker instead of grilling meat, fish or vegetarian grills directly above the embers.

This is only partially correct. Correctly, it must be said that only the size and the presence of a second combustion chamber allow both grills to be realized simultaneously. The most important variants:

They burn the small barbecue chamber and stock them with beech sacks or to smoke in the large chamber. At the same time you can put steaks in the small grill chamber, which in any case only need a short while in the heat. Afterwards, they are placed in the large chamber to cook them at a moderate temperature of 100 ° C.
The grill charcoal is planted in half in the large chamber in order to have direct and indirect grilling.
One uses the large chamber quite conventionally like every other grill also.

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 2. Barrel Smoker

The Bar Smoker (sometimes also Offset-Smoker) is the classic form of a Smokers in the Texas style. The Smoker itself consists of three parts: the pit pit, the side firebox and a chimney.

The core of the whole system is made of thick-walled (depending on the quality and price between 3 and 7 mm) of steel plate. The diameter of the cooking chamber is about 40 to 60 cm and often offers more than just a grill.

The chamber is closed with a rotating or sliding cover.

At the side is a small firebox or firing system – the side-fire box. It absorbs the charcoal and / or the wood. The firing can be carried out by means of a separate flap without the temperature in the cooking chamber being changed all too much. The smoke then passes through the cooking chamber to the chimney and is there output. The food is gently cooked by the hot air.

2.2. Ugly Drum Smoker

The Ugly Drum Smoker (sometimes also Upright Drum Smoker or Drum Smoker) is often built in its own way, but is also cheap and ready to buy.

An upright steel barrel is the core element. In the floor there are adjustable air slots, since there is the firing space. The grill grills are 40 – 60 cm above the fire.

This type of construction requires a special grilling method, since here an embers of coal or briquettes have to be formed and afterwards wood chips are used to produce the smoke. The tuxedo results are also often difficult with self-made smokers.

If you want to build a smoker yourself, you also need a good smoker construction manual. Like this.

The water smoker corresponds to the drum smoker, with the difference that a device for inserting a water bowl is already inserted. The water is under the grilling, but above the embers. This ensures that no grease can drip into the fire. This barbecue smoker is also closed. This can be smoked with a small amount of fuel.

Renowned manufacturers such as Weber, Napoleon, Grill’n Smoke or El Fuego have such models on offer. There are also cheap water-smokers on the market. Manufacturers such as TecTake offer such barbecues cheaply. A smoker’s guide for these special barbecue grills is usually included.

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